Another Fabulous Year

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120 pages


Mativational; Christian




Oba Kunta Octopus


December 2019

About The Author

Joyce Wakini

Joyce Wakini

Joyce Wakini has a Bachelor of Arts Degree In Economics and Sociology from the University of Nairobi plus a Higher Diploma in Counseling. She has additional professional qualifications in sales and marketing management. Exploring books for knowledge and swimming are her hobbies. She resides in the capital city of Nairobi. When she isn’t writing, she’s running up and down after the children. Ashley the cat also included. More books coming from them soon.

The route map to your New Years’ resolutions is all about planning. Planning will leave you in a better state than when you first made your resolutions. We need fabulous plans to achieve fabulous results. We also need back up because we will have many troubles. Ants work out their plan to store up food for a dry season, day in day out. When we plan, it means that we have decided to face off with the resolution. It is a sign that you have accepted the challenge and are preparing to lose that weight, get that job, be a better spouse, own that asset, clear that debt and overcome that addiction. It is a decision to chip away at your rock bit by bit until you get to where the diamond is.

This book is about planning your life. Laced with doses of Biblical wisdom, we learn how to take note of our capacity to build a legacy. Planning is meant to increase your focus, preserve energy and protect you from wasteful distractions. Mental focus on your resolutions will put an ever-growing distance between your past and the future. We are to use planning to identify unprofitable places in which, you keep investing; money, time, sweat and tears for little or no gain. We learn to put away our past because whoever we are today is the best and most genuine tool for today’s chores. Most importantly, we look up to God to be the sunlight in our cloudy skies and the moonlight of your darkest nights. It has all been demonstrated in the entire book of Philippians how the Almighty God comes to us not just as being above us but also as being of; great help, a cheerleader, a great source of encouragement. Are you doing negative things over and over again.


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