Understanding Backpain

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September 2019

About The Author

Prof. G. Omondi Oyoo

Prof. G. Omondi Oyoo

Prof. Omondi Oyoo FCP(ECSA) FACR; FRCP(Edin); FIPH; MMed ;MB Ch B; Cert Trop Med; Clin Rheum; Cert Clin Epid.
Prof. Omondi Oyoo is an Associate Professor in the department of clinical Medicine and Therapeutics , School of Medicine , University of Nairobi, and Head of rheumatology unit and Ward 7D at the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.
Prof.Oyoo received his medical degree from the University of Nairobi and completed his residency in internal medicine at the University of Nairobi.
He obtained his fellowships and gained experience in rheumatology variously from Tel Aviv University in Israel, University of Cape town in the Republic of south Africa, Tulane University in USA and Louisiana state university in USA . He is particularly proud of having attended The Alliance High School in Kenya that instilled in him the value of serving others and the confidence to know that he could attain a professional career.
Prof. Oyoo has studied international health as a Humphrey fellowship scholar at Tulane University in New Orleans and epidemiology at Aberdeen University in United Kingdom.
Prof.Oyoo is a practicing Rheumatologist in Nairobi and has over 120 publications in peer reviewed journals and is the author of the well regarded book, understanding arthritis. An avid lecturer, his CV lists over 100 presentations to audiences of all types on a wide variety of topics. He has served as the secretary and later President of Kenya Association of Physicians .He is a Past President of African League of associations for rheumatology (AFLAR) , Past chairman and member of the Executive committee of the International League of Associations for Rheumatology (ILAR), Chairman, Kenya society for rheumatology, chairman, association for arthritis and rheumatic diseases of Kenya, Founder and Chairman of Uwezo rheumatology foundation and the WHO bone and joint decade National action network coordinator for Kenya.
In the year 2010, Prof. Oyoo was appointed the bone and joint decade ambassador by the international steering committee , The bone and joint Decade in appreciation of his role in promoting the goals of the bone and joint decade and in recognition of distinguished professional excellence and service to colleagues and people affected by musculoskeletal disorders; and in the same year he was also proclaimed as a great mind of the 21st century by the governing board of the American Biographical institute due to significant accomplishment within , and mastery of Rheumatology.
Prof. Oyoo is a fellow of the American college of rheumatology, a member of the international task force of the American college of Rheumatology, a member of the British Society for Rheumatology, a fellow of the East, Central and southern Africa college of physicians and a Fellow of the Royal college of Physicians of Edinburgh.

Back pain is a menace that people talk about a lot. Many do not understand that this may be a bigger problem than what meets the eye. Several narratives about back ache have been told and some of which have affected the victims. Some think that back ache is a disease of women and old men. Sometimes we treat backache without proper knowledge and we end up making it worse. There are those who ignore the pain and fail to attend to it hence progressing into more complications.
In this simplified, friendly book, Dr Oyoo shares his discoveries about Back Pain. In his attempt to make us understand back pain, he reveals to us Causes of Back Pain, Types, Diagnosis, Prevention, Management, Cure, Treatment of Back Pain, as well as Education on Back Pain, and much more! Despite some medical terminologies used, the book is written in a flowing story-telling style with flowing dialogues, descriptions, character depictions and simple illustrations. The author takes us through one beautiful emotive journey involving conversations with his patients like Marion, Cathy and his dear friend Professor Maiyo who went through a long road with back pain. He explains vividly the details in a simple manner that enables the reader to easily understand the whole truth about the menace called back ache. With his vast knowledge in this field, he puts a lot of emphasis on Exercises, proper Diet with calcium and vitamin D and appropriate lifestyle. The book explains things to avoid such as smoking among others. This book is, without doubt, a gem in understanding Back Pain.
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