Hunter & Gatherer

She is a hunter and he is a gatherer. She loves building enterprises; he has a penchant for making money. But they are married because they both wants one thing. Power.

Sally, an ambitious marketing pro, is covertly orchestrating her destiny in advertising. Her marriage to the millionaire Rapudo presents her with the seat of power her heart truly yearned and she evolves into a cold blooded political animal. Love, business, power and politics are at play here. They are married because they both want Power.  Her greed now wants to consume her like fire even before she reaches her goal. She must fight.



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Oba Kunta Octopus




April 2020

About The Author

Okang'a Ooko

Okang'a Ooko

Okang’a Ooko was born in Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria in Kenya and grew up in the seventies and eighties in Kisumu. He is the author of Businesswoman’s Fault, a collection of seven stories, and two mainstream literary novels, including Kisumu, When You Sing To The Fishes and Hunter and Gatherer mostly featuring stories of scandalous vices, human folly, power-seekers, and peopled by men and women struggling to succeed in the new African renaissance. His next novel, Tandawuoya, will soon be issued by Oba Kunta Octopus.


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  1. Ruben

    Sally Obange is an intelligent and ambitious marketing professional covertly orchestrating her destiny to success in advertising in the bustling business community of Upperhill, Nairobi. The millionaire tenderpreneur Rapudo Oremo wants to marry her. Her unwarrantable attraction to him presents her with the prospect for power and freedom her heart truly yearns for and she is thrown into the arena of absurdity. Rapudo has only one goal: to use politics for gain. It’s no sin for him to plot to unseat his older brother, the MP for Busa North constituency, and take over the seat. He wants to expand his business and amass more millions. He is vicious and overtly ambitious. He’s shrewd. He’s ruthless. He’s unscrupulous. He’s flamboyant. He surrounds himself with shady deal makers, power brokers, ruthless lawyers and thugs from Katwikira in Kibira. Every political force in his path is turned into a surrogate for the motifs on the contemporary political scene. But this not any politics. This is Kenyan politics. It comes with furious vengeance and it is manned by greedy and corrupt players with cold-blooded underhand dealings. The game is played in a nefarious world. In a shrouded metropolis. In Nairobi City. The world of men.

    Sally the hunter finds herself between a rock and a hard place. She must be Rapudo’s wife. He must marry her on her terms. Her evolution from an ordinary professional into a cold blooded political animal is not by chance or circumstance, she is from Dandora in Eastlands, and she was born to struggle and use every opportunity that comes in her path. She is focused, she has commitment and sheer will. She is the person Rapudo needs.

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